Canid and Reptile Behaviour and Olfaction Lab (Simon Gadbois)

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Team and lab

Current students:
Former students:
  1. Lindsay Colyn (Neuroscience, Honours student, Neuroscience, 2018–2019)
  2. Josh Dort (Psychology, Independent Project, 2018–2019)
  3. Michael Klasz (Psychology, Independent Project, 2018–2019)
  4. Catherine Reeve (Ph.D, Experimental Psychology): canine hypoglycemia detection in youth with Type I diabetes (primary; thesis), wood boring insect detection (secondary; comp)
  5. Ella Macquisten: Biology, Independent Project: Wood turtles in the Musquodoboit River watershed
  6. Kelly Forrester (Biology, Honours student, 2017): Stress detection dogs
  7. Mariah Ward (Psychology, Independent Project, 2017): Stress detection dogs
  8. Rebecca Grestoni (Psychology, Independent Project, 2017): Stress detection dogs
  9. Sonia Smith (Honours, Psychology, 2015–2016): HDDs
  10. Chloe Blackman (Independent project, Neuroscience, 2015–2016): HDDs
  11. Danielle Rasetti (Honours, Biology, 2014–2015): Pulmonate vs. canines in remote scenting applications for pest detection.
  12. Paige Crowell (Honours, Biology, 2014–2105): Pulmonate temperament profiles in relation to pavlovian conditioning for olfactory learning.
  13. Larissa Darc (Independent Project, Biology, 2014–2015): Sexing sexually monomorphic hatchlings (Storm Petrels) with scent dogs.
  14. Cortney Jones (Independent Project, Psychology, 2014–2105): HDDs
  15. Kim Stehouwer (Independent Project, Psychology, 2014–2105): HDDs
  16. Jennifer Crawford (Independent Project, Psychology, 2014–2105): HDDs
  17. Emma Hoffman (Honours, Environmental Science): BSLB detection; lab experiments. 2014.
  18. Megan Thompson (Honours, Biology): ribbonsnakes in Kejimkujik National Park. 2014.
  19. Fielding Montgomery (Honours, Biology): BSLB detection; field experiments. 2014.
  20. Olivia Sievert (Honours, Marine Biology): action sequences of food caching red foxes. 2014.
  21. Kristy Wallace (Honours, Biology/Psychology): hypoglycemia detection. 2014.
  22. Hailey Richardson (Honours, Psychology): methodological questions to test the olfactomotor theory. 2014.
  23. Yasmeen Ghebari (Independent project, Psychology): methodological questions to test the advantage of the box system over the line-up. 2014.
  24. Lauren Westhaver (experiential course; Biology). 2014.
  25. Kate Porter (MES, School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie U.). 2013.
  26. Kristen Sora (experiential course, Marine Biology). 2013
  27. Julia Delle Cave, Veterinary student intern, Toulouse, France, 2013.
  28. Julia Fitzgerald (BA Honours, SMU). 2013.
  29. Shantel Sparkes (BSc Honours, Psychology). 2013.
  30. David Adams (BSc Honours, Biology). 2013.
  31. Meghan MacDonald (BSc Honours, Psychology). 2013.
  32. Surina Anstey (BSc Honours, Biology). 2013.
  33. Amy Silver (BSc Psychology, independent project). 2012.
  34. Liz Campbell (BSc Honours, Biology, independent project). 2012–2013.
  35. Florence Lemarié, Veterinary student intern, Nantes, France. 2012.
  36. Elsa Louvet, Veterinary student intern, Nantes, France. 2012.
  37. Kirsti Jangaard (BSc Honours candidate; neuroscience). 2012.
  38. Leisha Seymour, BA (Concordia), Honours Equivalency SMU. 2012.
  39. Karina Schell (Masters candidate, Biology, Göttingen, Germany). 2012.
  40. Kate Thompson, MSc, PhD candidate, for a comprehensive project. 2012.
  41. Cindy Hamon-Hill (PhD): Comprehensive project. Empathy and play in canids. 2011–2012.
  42. Stephanie Collins Zwicker, MSc, PhD candidate for a comprehensive project.
  43. Brittany Hilton (Honours candidate, SMU). Not completed.
  44. Kayla Cruickshank (3000 project level).
  45. Christine Riordan, BSc (biology), (Honours student, psychology, 2009–2010)
  46. Alisa Miller, (Honours student, biology, 2009–2010)
  47. Delphine Mousse (graduate student, biology, Université Jean Monnet; research internship)
  48. Stephanie Collins (MSc candidate, psychology); PSYO 5002 project
  49. Michael Demontfaucon (graduate student, biology, Université de Paris XIII, 2009; research internship)
  50. Tom Howells (Honours student, psychology, 2008–2009)
  51. Kavita Raju (undergraduate student, psychology, 2008–2009); PSYO 3000 project
  52. Meredith Flannery (MSc candidate, psychology, 2007–2008); PSYO 5001 project
  53. Rachael Craig (undergraduate student, neuroscience; co-supervised with Roger Croll); NESC 3000 project
  54. Aris Lavranos (Honours student, neuroscience, 2007–2008; co-supervised with Leslie Phillmore [primary])
  55. Alison Green (Honours student, biology, 2007)
  56. Peter Smith (Honours student, biology, 2007; co-supervised with Roger Croll)
  57. Jacob Lingley (undergraduate student, neuroscience; NESC 3001 project)
  58. Kim Bourque (Honours student, neuroscience, 2006)
  59. Beth Campbell (Honours student, biology, 2006; co-supervised with Shannon Bard [primary])
  60. Heather-Dawn Wood (MSc student, neuroscience, 2005–2007; co-supervised with Roger Croll)
  61. Barbara Molnar (MSc biology, Université de Neufchâtel, 2005)
  62. Mitsue Fujita (BSc; Acadia U., 2000)
  63. Sophie LeBlois (“Applied Ecology”, C.E.G.E.P. de La Pocatière, La Pocatière, QC, 1996); internship at the Canadian Centre for Wolf Research)
Partners / collaborators from former projects:

NS Power, DNR, Oxford Frozen Foods: Using wildlife conservation canines to assess bat and bird fatalities at the South Canoe Windfarm.

Forestry project (Invasive Insects Detection)

Parks Canada:

Acadia University:

Dalhousie University:

MTRI (Mersey-Tobeatic Research Institute)

CARP (Clean Annapolis River Projects)

IWK Health Centre