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Note: This list is not up to date. Most of the contributions since 2016 have not been added. We estimate that the lab contributed to well over 150 interviews (possibly 200), mostly about coyote-human conflicts, but also about dogs in conservation and biomedical alert.

The lab is most proud of the following contributions to documentaries:

Some other media interventions (sample) from the past 20 years

Note that most of the media interventions regarding coyotes, from 2009 to 2011, are not listed here. There were so many, that I quickly lost count.

On DOGS (2007–2011; General; Conservation dogs; Scent dogs)
On COYOTES (2009–2012)

(because of the avalanche of media interest following the fatal attack by coyotes in Cape Breton on October 27, 2009, details were not recorded and therefore are not available)

Television: Radio Canada (TV; evening news), CBC (Local news and NewsWorld; Land & Sea), RDI (2), Global (2), CTV (Live at Five, Evening News; 5). Sample

Radio: CBC (including Morning Edition, As it Happens, Information Morning, etc.), Radio-Canada (y compris 275-allô), Matin Réveil (April 2011), Anne et Cie (August 2011).

Newspapers: Chronicle Herald, LA Times, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, National Post, Cape Breton Post, many syndicated newspapers.

Documentaries: Interview from CBC for Tigress productions, UK. Land and Sea, March 20th 2011. “Coywolves” for PBS Nature/The Nature of Things. “Bad Coyote” with National Film Board.

On WOLVES (1994–2012)
Television (with involved producer and reporter):
Radio (with involved reporter):