Canid and Reptile Behaviour and Olfaction Lab (Simon Gadbois, PhD)

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Team and lab

Supervisor / Principal Investigator: Dr. Simon Gadbois
Resident research collaborator: Dr. Catherine Reeve

Partners / collaborators:

NS Power, DNR, Oxford Frozen Foods: Using wildlife conservation canines to assess bat and bird fatalities at the South Canoe Windfarm.

Forestry project (Invasive Insects Detection)

Parks Canada:

Acadia University:

Dalhousie University:

MTRI (Mersey-Tobeatic Research Institute)

CARP (Clean Annapolis River Projects)

IWK Health Centre


HDD = hypoglycaemia detection dogs

Current students:

On sabbatical (July 1 2017 - July 2nd 2018)

Former students:

In full supervision:

In co-supervision: