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Behavioural Biology & Comparative Psychology

Winter 2019

The seminar will focus on topics and research in fundamental and applied animal behaviour relating mostly to (but not exclusively) new trends in:

  1. sensory processing (sensory ecology, animal psychophysics)
  2. communication and social behaviour (incl. social network theory, zoosemiotics)
  3. learning and motivation (the neuroethological theories, e.g., Berridge, Panksepp, etc.)
  4. anthrozoology (e.g., controversies with pet-assisted therapy, assistance animals)
  5. applied areas of animal behaviour using traditional and new models (e.g., sniffer bees and sniffer dogs)

The course integrates both comparative (animal) psychology perspectives and ethological perspectives.
The topics will flexible and adapted to the interests of the class.

Syllabus (upcoming)